I have always specialised in making exclusive luxury glasswork, comprising excuisite taste and detail for the most discerning clientele. The unique works of art created include glass bowls and commissioned glass architecture.

Artsibition at Hode's Place, Cayo.

Artsibition at Hode’s Place, Cayo.

My inspiration comes from natural rythmical patterns found in nature. We have a myriad of beautiful patterns and colours in this wild and magnificently beautiful, fantastically magical place.

Lifetime experience;

Apprenticed mechanical engineering technician at Hayward & Tyler, Luton and worked in specialised engineering projects worldwide.
Working with glass in various forms since 1992, exploring decorative glass by gilding, engraving flat glass & crystalware, kilnwork including painting, coldworking, fusing & slumping.
Lived and worked in Belize and returned to UK so that our children could finish their education in the UK and have reasonable opportunities afterwards.
I’m now resident in Belize for the duration 🙂

Current activities;

Working from home studio, exploring the addictive intricacies and fascination of torchworked borosilicate glass.

Future hopes and ambitions;
To continue workshops/skill-sharing activities for people interested in learning the craft or wanting to augment their current skill level.
To create a skill source centre.
To generate more interest and promote Art and Craft in Belize.

Hobbies and interests;

Outdoor interests include walking, natural history and ecology, whilst guitar, reading, engraving, calligraphy, woodwork and acknowledging simple acts of human kindness are other pastimes.

Married with four children. Excellent health, non smoker.

BSSG 50_Years_Banner-1 smalla

Founded in 1960 for the benefit of those engaged in Scientific Glassblowing and its associated professions.

Membership number: M 20110 O


Encouraging excellence in glass as a creative medium

Professional Member

Listed on the Crafts Council Register of Makers in London
Listed on the National Crafts register of Belize

Group Exhibitions:

2004: Artscape, Cambridge

2004: Edinburgh City Art Gallery

2003: The Glass Show, Crafts Council Gallery – London

2002: International Ceramics Fair – London

2001: Cowdy Gallery

2000: Showcase Exhibition at Contemporary Applied Arts

1999: Oxford Gallery

1999: Crafts Olympia

1999: Olympia Art and Antiques Fair

1999: National Art Collectors Fair – London

1999: British Studio Glass Exhibition

Solo exhibitions;

Trade expo Belize, 1997

Luton Art show 2000

ANB open studio 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Luton Art exhibition 2001, 2002, 2003

National Glass Collectors Fair, Gaydon, Warwickshire 2003

St. Albans Art FundRaiser 2003 (HomeStart charity)

Obsidian Art 2003

Cambridge Glass Fair 2004

The Grand Glass Fair in Woking, 2004

Luton Art Show, 2004

St. Albans Art FundRaiser 2004 (HomeStart Charity)

National Glass Collectors Fair, Gaydon, Warwickshire 2005

CAMBRIDGE Glass Fair, 2005

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